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50 Golden Years.  Memories from 5 decades of FINAT – Lejeune partnership

17 Jun 2019 -
50 Golden Years- Memories from five decades of FINAT – Lejeune partnership This summer, during  2019, it is exactly 50 years since the infant association FINAT contracted ‘Bureau Le Jeune’, as it was then called, as its permanent...
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Lejeune Association management wishing you a lot of staff - blog

‘Wishing you a lot of staff’

20 May 2019 -
‘Say goodbye to HR headaches for good’ is the number one reason for associations to hire an association management company rather than setting up their own office. The American Association Management Company institute (AMCI) has...
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Specific projects defined to develop Industry standards at ECMA Pharma Forum

25 Feb 2019 -
Special interest platform within ECMA The ECMA Pharma Forum is a special interest platform within ECMA for dedicated producers of pharmaceutical cartons. In the past, the forum has developed an industry standard for braille, which has...
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