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Specific projects defined to develop Industry standards at ECMA Pharma Forum

25 Feb 2019 -
Special interest platform within ECMA The ECMA Pharma Forum is a special interest platform within ECMA for dedicated producers of pharmaceutical cartons. In the past, the forum has developed an industry standard for braille, which has...
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The 3D Printing Association terminates operations for maturing additive manufacturing industry in Europe

25 Jan 2019 -
Due to several developments, 3DPA has decided to close down its operation as of 1 February 2019. 3DPA Managing director Jules Lejeune, announces this in a press release. Read the full press release below or read it on the 3DPA...

Blog Jules Lejeune: reflecting is looking forward

20 Dec 2018 -
This year too, the last weeks are placed in the context of looking back. Customers and contractors, employers and employees, teachers and pupils, parents and offspring, in business and personal relations this is the time of year when we...

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