New Association ILP Vegetable Establishes Secretariat at Lejeune Association Management


Last November, 11 internationally renowned companies in the vegetable breeding sector founded a new association, with the objective to improve global access to and the use of patent protected  vegetable biological material. The organisation, named International Licensing Platform Vegetable (in short: ILP Vegetable) has established its secretariat at Lejeune Association Management effective January 2015.

As member of the new association, listed companies and family businesses from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, France and The Netherlands will collaborate to provide vegetable breeders world-wide with quick, efficient and guaranteed access to crucial biological material, that is protected by a patent from members of the organisation. It is expected that soon more companies will join the association.

Managing Director of the organisation is Ir. Chris van Winden, a well-known authority in the area of pant breeding who earned his reputation at the former Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and at Plantum (Dutch association for the plant reproduction sector), from where he co-ordinates Partners for International Business project ‘Plant Breeding in China’.

With an innovative licensing and arbitration system, ILP Vegetable aims to respond to concerns that patent rights impede the work of plant breeders because they cannot get access to biological material, or if so only at high costs and with considerable delay. “This in contrast with the existing ‘plant breeders’ rights legislation that allows breeders to use protected plant varieties for further development of new varieties”, so Mr. Van Winden.

“With the development of new varieties with innovative characteristics, vegetable breeding companies make an essential contribution to the world’s food supply. The development of such varieties  is a long lasting and very costly process. With the ILP Vegetable licensing system, the accessibility of vegetable biological material protected by patents is secured, while at the same time the incentive for necessary innovations is maintained”.

Lejeune Association Management will take care of the association’s secretariat and will support its management with the installation and support of its daily facilities, as well as the development and maintenance of the ILP-Vegetable website. On behalf of the company, Managing Director Jules Lejeune is pleased with his new client: “The Netherlands are world-wide market leaders in the breeding of vegetables,  flower crops and potatoes. With our more than 50 years’ experience with the management of international trade associations, we are looking forward to contribute, ‘close to the source’ to the development of this new platform.”